Mother(land) Z33 Hasselt, Belgium 30.01.2022-06.03.2022

Altar Windows
Z33, Hasselt, Belgium,

An archive that gives value to accumulated woven cultural materials that deals with the complex and fluid identity, archival techniques and visibility

The “Altar Windows“ were made of resin that archives a detailed collage of cultural material with the help of a metal grid, hanging from the ceiling on chain. Weavings of rope, synthetic hair, pearls, fake nails, silicone, prints and other collected ornaments are archived and protected though the thick layer of clear resin. The resin works like a vitrine, as it gives value to the materials and lifts them to a level beyond time. One side of the sculptures is flat and clear, while the other side is a relief, in which the elements seem to melt free. Every element refers to different aspects,

As you can see maritime elements, feminine body marks, prints of female Goddesses, self-portraits and other hints to my research in Caribbean Studies. The sculptures create a micro-cosmos in the detail and a complex macro-cosmos all together, as they become spiritual expressions of trauma and healing.