Sweet Lies: The Fictions of Belonging, Ludwig Forum Aachen, Aachen, Germany 19.06.2021-12.09.2021

Ishtar Altars and Ishtar Wall
Sweet Lies, Ludwig Forum Aachen


In response to Basquiat‘s triptych Ishtar I developed works that refer to the semitic Goddess of war and femininity in connection to the Ishtar Gate.

In response to Basquiat‘s triptych “Ishtar“ in the show, I developed works that refer to the semitic Goddess of war and femininity.

The wallpaper weaves together four elements: The historical stone sculpture of Ishtar embraces her muscles and curves. The blue tiles are parts of the Ishtar Gate that has been requested back from Iraq several times. The lion of Judah, a depiction on the gate which is linked to Rastafarian religion. A selfie has been transformed with an instagram filter that makes my face look like a mask.

The three altars archive elements in resin on metal constructions: Blue tiles with prints of the Lion of Judah deal with the responsibility of German institutions. Synthetic hair and artificial nails represent Ishtar´s strength through feminine attributes. Male and female body casts and silicone pads are connected to the Goddess´ ability to transform between male and female, her fluidity and transformation.